Classical Front View

Currently I am offering two sizes for my classical (and flamenco) guitars. My standard “concert” size and a slightly smaller size based upon the guitars of Jose Romanillos, Torres and Hauser. In both cases the actual plantilla or shape is my own, based upon study and tracings of many great guitars, among other influences, to possess curves and proportions that are, to my eye, elegant and balanced. I believe that the design and materials of the guitar are in service of the desired outcome and therefore utilize a wide variety of designs and materials.

I have large stockpiles of very old and well seasoned woods of all varieties. I use a variety of bracing patterns and such recent innovations as elevated fingerboards and soundports for those who wish to have them. Whatever path I choose begins with a clear idea of what I am trying to achieve. Once that is established, the design and materials fall into place. For those who wish for the very finest materials and aesthetics, I offer what I call my Presentation Series guitars, of which a few are featured here. Whatever materials or design I am using, I build each guitar to be the very best of which I am capable.

Shown: Spruce top classical with flame maple braid rosette and flame maple rope purfling.

Villa Lobos Prelude #3 - Frank Wallace