Flamenco Front View

I believe that a great flamenco guitar possesses the same qualities of a great classical guitar, but perhaps in a slightly different order. What makes a guitar ideal for flamenco is that it plays and responds in such a way that a flamenco guitarist would like to play it. Those qualities of sound are clarity, separation of the voices, speed and sharpness to the attack. These are qualities that are present in any great guitar, regardless of distinction. Likewise I want a guitar with real substance to it’s voice. I am most directly influenced by the guitars of Marcelo Barbero, notably the famous 1951 ex Sabicas. I have learned much from this guitar as well as other great examples I’ve been fortunate enough to study, such as a 1970 Manuel Reyes that I restored. In both cases the guitars have a depth to them that give them the range to play any music, even though they represent the archetype flamenco guitar. The guitars pictured here are of my own design. For those interested in an exact replica of the 1951 Barbero, please visit my Homage page.

Viaje (Bulerias) - Language of the Heart - Juanito Pasqual