Bouchet & Barbero

In my study and work as a dealer and restorer of fine historic guitars, I have encountered many excellent instruments that possessed qualities of sound that I wanted to incorporate into my own work. What I was able to learn from them became a part of my sound and the style of guitars I build. Probably the most significant thing I learned is that all great guitars have one irrefutable thing in common, whatever it is that they are doing...however it is they function, they do it very well. After a certain point, I did not pay that much attention to construction minutiae as I did how the guitar was working with itself, as so many different designs could obviously work or not work, depending on the circumstance.

Pictured here are two instruments that have made a very large impact on me as a builder. Both are unique and possess the qualities that make them among the finest instruments I have been fortunate enough to know. The guitar on the right is a guitar by Marcelo Barbero and the left is Robert Bouchet. Shown here are the originals, they are the subject of this series of instruments and my homage to two great builders whose guitars inspire me.

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