leaf"Having been a professional guitarist for more than 35 years I've owned and performed on literally dozens of professional quality classical and flamenco guitars. These have included the finest examples from both celebrated contemporary luthiers as well as concert guitars of historical significance.

"I can say without hesitation that the guitars made for me by Aaron Green are the finest instruments that I have ever owned. Following traditional methods of construction and design, Aaron Green’s guitars have the richness and beauty of tone I associate with great Spanish guitars of past Masters — yet they project their superb sound through out large concert halls every bit as well as today’s loudest experimental designs. The result is ravishing.

"I’ve recommended Aaron’s work to several colleagues and have marveled at how well he has created guitars that precisely address their specific requests in terms of both playability and tonal qualities. For the past five years I have concertized exclusively on two Aaron Green guitars and have just commissioned a third."
— Dennis Koster

leaf"I met Aaron Green when he was a young man with a passion for guitar, a pioneer of great guitar building in the Boston area.  I visited Aaron last fall to check on what he was up to - now a mature builder who has reaped the fruits of his passion, he is building guitars with great power and beauty.  I could not walk out the door without one... six months later I'm happy to report it is responding enthusiastically to being played, growing every day... a guitar with much warmth and breadth."
— Frank Wallace

leaf“My Aaron Green blanca has been my primary guitar for about 7 years now.  So many times, I have sat playing this guitar at home or on stage just grinning with the feeling that this is the PERFECT flamenco guitar. So beautifully light and responsive- in fact so much so, that it helped me greatly to get rid of some tension I had in my technique. She sounds crisp and bright, yet also very responsive to other tone colors I may be looking for. Indeed, Aaron has the uncanny aptitude for building a guitar that at the same time comes with wonderful tonal purity and power but that also goes wherever the player decides to take it. I have not played other other flamenco guitars that are so responsive. Complaints? That I only have one (for now any way!)”
— Juanito Pasqual

leaf"I have known Aaron Green since 1998 and I consider him to be in a category of elite guitar builders today. One of the joys of owning an Aaron Green guitar is seeing the reaction from guitarists when they play the instrument for the first time. Even more enjoyable is the response from studio engineers when they record my guitar. The tone, balance, and richness of the instrument are unmatched in any guitar that I have played.

"Aaron is extremely professional and our relationship is much more personal than professional. He has always been there to answer a question, offer advice, or to keep my instrument in the best playing condition possible.

"Regardless of your needs, style, or preference, if you are looking for an instrument of the finest quality, I give Aaron Green Guitars the highest recommendation possible."
— David Newsam
Berklee College of Music
Dartmouth College
University of New Hampshire

leaf"When I play a guitar I’ve never played before what I will usually do first is play something slow, and simply observe the voice of that instrument, to try to hear what it wants to say to me. Power, nuance, and quality of tone are, of course, all necessary ingredients in a great guitar, but sometimes I find a rare instrument that has a voice that seems to beckon or cajole me into trying a new way of timing or phrasing, or especially a new dynamic idea. This is what I love about my Aaron Green guitar. When I first played it, I knew right away it had great responsiveness and depth of sound, but there was also a dialogue with the instrument that inspired me to try all sorts of new ideas, and I didn't want to give the guitar back (so I bought it!). The best part is that, now three years later, I still have the same feeling when I pick up that guitar, except now it has blossomed into an even richer sounding instrument. On top of that, Aaron's craftsmanship is impeccable. He is a great artisan and person, and I highly recommend his guitars!"
— William Riley, faculty of New England Conservatory and UMass Dartmouth

leaf“Aaron built a guitar exactly to my specifications: cedar top with a big, thick classical tone, but also with bright responsive trebles. I needed a classical guitar but really wanted to be able to play flamenco and Latin American folk music on the same instrument. Aaron's work reflects his impeccable sense of detail and his talent for the craft. The guitar went above and beyond my expectations: a big, rich tone and the brightest, loudest trebles I've ever heard on a cedar guitar.”
— Adam Tully

leaf"If one word could describe my Aaron Green guitar it would be ˈidealˈ. From Bach to Sor to Brouwer this guitar has an ultra-versatile voice that suits them all. The volume of the instrument is incredibly powerful and can handle any concert setting. The spruce top provides me with an excellent separation of voices for clarity in playing complex harmonies.The basses have a round quality with outstanding punch and focus and the treble strings are lively with a pleasing mellow quality. With the elevated fretboard I have complete access to the highest register of the instrument with ease. It is the perfect combination of old-world craftsmanship and modern innovation."
— Jesse Alain

leaf"Dear Aaron,
I can't say enough about how beautiful your handcrafted instruments are (I suppose that is why I bought three already). I am very fortunate to have, over the years, acquired some very rare and beautiful instruments from Hermann Hauser 1, Robert Bouchet, and Jose Romanillos, among others.

"That being said, I would not give up your great instruments, and it is a true privilege to know such an excellent builder."
— Jeff Nissim

leaf"Dear Aaron,
I just want to thank you and tell you how amazed I am with your restoration of my 1962 Jose Ramirez PB. The repairs to the cracks in the guitar are absolutely invisible. For the life of me, it is very difficult even for me to see the repair work looking inside.

"Many have commented on how this is one of the most beautiful Ramirez guitars they have ever seen, and I credit you for restoring it to its original beauty.
A masterful job.  Thank you."
— Jeff Nissim

leaf"Dear Aaron,
"Thank you so much for contacting me regarding the David Rubio instrument that I have recently purchased through you.
As we discussed, I had played four David Rubio instruments, never finding one to be up to the high regard his instruments have had.  I had all but given up finding a Rubio that lived up to its name.  You were absolutely correct--it is an incomparable instrument (one of my guilty pleasures), and if it weren't for you, I never would have found it.
It sits proudly along side my limited, but rare, collection which includes my Hauser and Ramirez instruments."
— Jeff Nissim

leaf"Dear Aaron
Thank you so much for the magnificent 1965 Fleta Guitar! It is a joy and exactly as you described it to me. As I play the guitar it continues to expand and offer great musical possibilities!   The set up work you did on the guitar makes it almost effortless to play and the new Rodger's tuners are beautiful!"
— Name withheld by request

leaf"To Whom it may Concern
 I recently had the good fortune to purchase from Aaron Green a 1941 Hauser. As a previous client of Aaron's I knew that when he said he had something really special for me to see, that I should make the effort to have a look. The guitar was far from mint condition (many previous and badly done repairs)  but had a sound unlike any guitar I have ever played, with an unlimited scope of tone and colors. I fell in love with this instrument. When I made the decision to purchase Aaron offered me the option to have him restore the guitar. I decided that if this was ever going to happen, now was the time to do so. So I bought the guitar and left it with him for the restoration to be done. When I came back to receive the guitar, its appearance was greatly improved but more so the sound and the guitar's response had likewise improved. The phrase Aaron used is that the guitar is now "un-compromised". I believe this to be the case, it is a very happy guitar and I am a very happy owner!"
— Name withheld by request

leaf"I have known Aaron since 2004 when he made me a fantastic flamenco negra of Brazilian rosewood . That guitar has an exceptional volume ,firm bass, beautiful and yet punchy trebles , fast and responsive, and is a true delight to play in every way. I call it the flamenco grand piano . It has always been one of my most favourite guitars and voted number one by many of my friends who have had a go with it .You will also be amazed with Aaron's craftsmanship .The wood choice ,polish and details of his guitars are first and world class.”
— Chris Kok, Hong  Kong

leaf"Aaron has performed restoration work on several of my best guitars, the most extensive of which has been the restoration of a1970 Manuel Reyes spruce/cypress flamenco. When I purchased the guitar, it had no cracks or structural issues, but had multiple problems from hard playing over many years, including a fretboard that was deeply worn, rosewood pegs that were out of round, excessively worn string holes in the bridge and a very deep and large sweat stain on the back. Aaron’s work on this instrument can only be described as masterful.  The guitar is now a musical instrument of transcendent tonal beauty, amazing playability and aesthetic excellence. His attention to every detail of the work borders on the fanatical (or crosses it LOL), but the results he achieves consistently exceed my expectations by a wide margin. This guitar is now easily worth double what I paid for it, although to me it is a priceless instrument that I would never sell.
"Aaron has made two guitars for me, a “negra” and a “blanca”, both of them presentation series instruments with his finest woods and special aesthetic details. When I have compared them side by side with some top quality modern flamenco guitars from Spain, Aaron’s guitars are far more interesting, complex and sonically satisfying than most. His flamencos are high velocity i.e. the notes fly out of the guitar like bullets, and the tonal quality is brilliant but at the same time weighty and thick. In fact there is so much “gravitas” and tonal integrity to these instruments, that I enjoy playing Bach and Spanish classical music on both of them.  There is also an “out front”, three-dimensional quality to the sound that is difficult to describe but easy to appreciate when listening. The music is never trapped in the box, but instead fills the listening space dynamically. My blanca was played by the master flamenco artist, Dennis Koster in a performance at the 92nd Street Y auditorium (not a small hall) and it was so loud that I was wondering where the microphones were, especially since Dennis seldom, if ever perform with a mic. Well there was no microphone, just a cannon of a flamenco guitar."
—  Jonathan Reighter

leaf"Most of the time you order a guitar from a newer builder you hold your breath and hope for the best. And—I've never even played an Aaron Green and yet I took a leap of faith and ordered one. And I'm very lucky I did. The guitar is superb! All I can say is WELL done mate!! Being around inside and out of all of the vintage classicals has definitely rubbed off in a very positive way. This guitar, however, is not a copy by any means. It definitely has its own voice. Quite an accomplishment with all that you have going on. As you said—“an elegant beast”!!!!!!
Amazing guitar.
Thank you, friend"
—  Mark Mancina